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When you engage Canberra Property Buyer Solutions, we are committed to:

  • Maintaining confidentiality of our business dealings, and your anonymity during the property transaction.
  • Providing in-depth needs analysis to determine what you’re ideally looking for.
  • Providing a plan for identifying the right property, at the right price and terms, in an acceptable time frame.
  • Seeking out the property using all available methods to best meet your needs. This can include unlisted properties as well.
  • Showing you only those properties that meet your criteria.
  • Protecting and representing your best interests at all times.
  • Explaining alternative methods of purchasing and financing, and if you choose, refer you to appropriate mortgage providers.
  • Disclosing everything we know about the property that’s likely to affect your ability to obtain the right price and terms.
  • Assisting you in evaluating the market value of properties, and employing strategies to help you obtain the most advantageous price and terms.
  • Advising and assisting you in completing your purchase agreement.
  • Referring you to other professionals (building inspectors, lenders, surveyors, solicitors, conveyancers, etc.) for information or assistance as required.
  • Monitoring all pre-settlement activities through to settlement.
  • Communicating with you at all times through the acquisition process.

Why Canberra a Great Place to Buy?

Take advantage of the employment opportunities and lifestyle benefits available in Canberra, Australia’s capital city. What’s more, Canberra offers a fantastic lifestyle for you and your family, with an outstanding school system, excellent health services, shorter commuting times, plenty of fresh air and community living. Much of what is best about Australia can be found in the nation’s capital – it’s a clean, safe and relaxed place to live.

Canberra has all the lifestyle amenities, city services and events of a world-class capital, yet the bush is on our doorstep and Sydney, the snowfields and south coast beaches are within easy reach.

A Growing Economy

Australia has one of the world’s most stable economic, political and social systems, enjoying fifteen consecutive years of continuous economic growth (Sydney Morning Herald, Feb, 2006), and ranked by the World Economic Forum as the 10th most competitive economy in the world (September 2005).

The ACT’s Gross State Product (GSP) rose by 5 per cent in volume terms in 2006-07 to reach A$21 billion. The ACT’s growth in GSP was higher than the national Gross Domestic Product (GDP) growth rate of 3.2 per cent. (ACT Government, 2008)

Over the past 10 years, GSP in Canberra has grown in real terms by almost 40 per cent. For more information on Canberra’s economy visit

Why Use a Canberra Buyer’s Agent?

If you are considering purchasing property in the vicinity of Canberra, then who better to consult with than a Canberra buyer's agent who can advise you best accordingly. There are many major decisions in our life, where we often engage the services of experts. We get help recruiting staff, with financial planning, home renovations the law and accounting – so it makes sense to turn to a property expert for perhaps the biggest purchasing decision of our life.

A qualified Canberra Buyers Agent Can Greatly Assist You

To begin with, it saves a lot of time. Having a Canberra buyer’s agent agent search for ideal homes means you can keep your weekends free to relax and enjoy time with your family and friends. ​ In addition they know the area best and can scout around for a great fit, on your behalf.

But you also save yourself a lot of hard work! Searching for the right place, filtering all the options, analyzing the merits of potential candidates, then bidding or negotiating for “the one”, can be a complex and sometimes intimidating process. A buyer’s agent like Canberra Property Buyer Solutions understands it all implicitly, and can apply their experience and knowledge to every aspect – so you get the result you want, without the back-breaking effort and stress.

The benefits go beyond time, effort and stress, though. A Canberra buyer’s agent can also provide a detailed report that informs you of the benefits of your investment. And of course a buying agent is much less emotionally connected to the purchasing decision, so is better able to coolly negotiate the best possible price, bringing balance to the purchasing process.

While it’s standard practice to pay an agent to sell your home, we have – until recently – been on our own when it came to buying them. And that can be fraught with danger. If you’re dealing with a professional sales agent, trained and driven to entice buyers into paying the highest price for a property, why wouldn’t you want a skilled property consultant & negotiator to stand up for your best interests?

A Canberra buyer’s agent like Canberra Property Buyer Solutions is the best way to ensure that your interests and needs are considered at all times.