Why Lighting Should Be a Priority in Home Staging

We often spend so much time planning to renovate a home and put a lot of effort into transforming living rooms, kitchens, bathrooms, gardens and interior design. As property sellers get caught up in such projects, they tend to leave lighting out of the picture.

Lighting is an important yet overlooked aspect of home staging. Deciding where to install light switches may appear boring and uninteresting, but these are crucial decisions every homeowner must make. Lighting technology is varied and diverse. Without proper research or information, you could rack up an unreasonable amount on your utility bill.

Keeping lighting at the centre of home staging and redesign plans is more than just about technology. Your small decisions related to lighting can save time and money while effectively minimising mistakes.

Starting a Lighting Project

When you set your home staging or renovation plans into motion, you also need to think about your lighting design. What is your vision for your home? Where and how you place your lighting can affect space perception. It might feel challenging in the beginning, particularly if lighting has always been the least of your concern. Besides preparing for this project, tap lighting experts and follow their advice and guidance.

Exploring Lighting Options

Lighting has greatly evolved over the years in a bid to make room for and adapt new technology, energy requirements, and methods. Acquire information about available light fixtures and how to install them. Take note of your own design preferences and see how deep you want to go into your lighting project. Make sure to utilise as much natural light as possible as it can benefit your space in many ways.

If unsure about your next steps, a quick Google search using keywords related to lighting (e.g. lighting planning guide, watts, lumens or best lights for home renovation) reveals a long list of results, from which you can get inspiration. Homesellers might also want to anticipate important information such as the best types of lighting for ageing eyes and fixtures that can be switched on or off from a remote location.

Creating a Plan

Draw up a lighting plan. This may involve setting up a proper budget for the purchase and installation of light fixtures as well as having a clear idea of where you want to install them. A plan helps you avoid mistakes. It is more cost-efficient when you follow through from start to finish, instead of implementing on a piecemeal basis.

During your planning period, consider these areas:

Map out your plan on paper or a digital device, so that you can show it to an electrician or contracter. Leave the fine-tuning of fixtures and bulbs to them.

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