Tips for Maximising Space in Your Home

The efficient utilisation of space is an unspoken need every homeowner must address. No matter the size of your living quarters, your home can still feel spacious and comfortable. The right design and arrangement will transform a cramped studio apartment into one with enough breathing room. If you are in search of ideas for maximising space, below we share some simple but useful tips:

Buy functional furniture in common rooms

You may try to regularly clean your living room or any other section of your house where friends and family often gather, but it always becomes messy before you realise it. The secret to maximising space within public rooms is to acquire multifunctional furniture pieces. These include ottomans, open shelves, special racks for video games and coffee tables with hidden compartments.

Invest in your entryway

Since this is where you meet arriving guests and see your loved ones off to school or work, it would be ideal to move around the entrance without encumbrances. To utilise space efficiently, install a bench or sitting area where you can prepare your kids' backpacks or your spouse's work tools before they set off for their routine schedule. If you do not have enough space for a sitting area, consider placing hooks near the doorway. Open shelves, ornaments and a mirror are nice space-expanding additions too.

A practical kitchen with a modern interior is always a good idea

Should you, your spouse or anyone from your extended family enjoy cooking, the kitchen could well be the busiest section in your property. It is only fitting for this busy part of your home to have a functional and welcoming design or arrangement. Some homes entertain guests in their kitchen, so all the more reason to ensure there is enough space for people to gather. When strapped for space, your options would be to equip your pantry with a vertical storage shelf, drawer organisers for storing dry goods and several food storage containers that can be stacked and arranged easily.

Use your bathroom as an alternative storage area

Share a bathroom with your kids, utilise that space under the sink and set a custom rack for accessories, make up, and many other beauty tools. Purchase more vertical hanging organisers for storing small beauty appliances like hair dryer, hair straighteners and more. If you cannot find the right vertical organiser, have a special space-saving cabinet installed in your bathroom or repurpose old shoe racks.

Make your bedroom a sanctuary

It is the one place in your home that serves as a refuge from the world. The bedroom is also where you start and end your day. Save space by avoiding bulky closets and streamlining the clothes in your wardrobe from time to time. You have the option to buy closet organisers for your accessories and jewellery to make room for more space. If you have the budget to spare, have a built-in closet with built-in organisers installed in your room.

Make Space Your Priority

When choosing a residential or investment property in Canberra, make sure to prioritise space. Pay attention to how a home is designed and see if space was utilised efficiently. Envision the ways you can maximise the existing space for you and your family. If you are not certain about your home design preferences, you are welcome to get in touch with our independent buyers advocates for a consultation. Fill in the contact form on our homepage to enquire.