Important Qualities of a Sustainable Home

For your long-term use and maximum safety, your next home should be smart, environment-friendly and sustainable. But how can you find one that ticks all the boxes?

There is more to a good property than just having solar panels. It is important that you pay attention to the specifics and have a full understanding of sustainability before you proceed. Essentially, a sustainable home has the following qualities:

Strong Structure

What makes a property truly sustainable is its foundation, including materials and building methods. Chief executive of the Green Building Council of Australia, Davina Rooney, said that "good bones" are necessary for properties to last. Since we spend most of our time inside our homes, choosing one that promotes good health and well-being is of utmost importance. Energy-efficient features and appliances can be added later.

Besides a good foundation, install insulation, a proper drainage system, compact walls and level floors. Wear and tear may affect long-term durability, but you can exceed your property's expected life span through regular maintenance and inspections. Remember to invest in a high quality roof and make sure it is free from sagging and mould patches and does not have missing tiles.

Functional Design

Design goes a long way and contributes to a property's sustainability. Great designs are both aesthetic and practical, visually pleasing while capable of maximising space and energy. Infuse sustainable principles by choosing a design that can adapt to your family's changing needs. Choose a design with the future in mind. Work with architects and engineers who have extensive experiences in designing and building green homes.

Study the layout beforehand. Picture the house and its different sections. How would it look when you and your family start occupying them? If there is an online version of the plan, check it for accuracy. Only give the green light when you are completely certain of the floor plan presented to you. It is expensive and exhausting to make changes after everything has already been built.

Installed with Eco-Friendly Systems and Appliances

When shopping for appliances, prioritise the ones stamped with an energy-efficient seal. A number of appliances from washing machines to microwave ovens display their energy ratings on the packaging. This is one way you can streamline your choices and shop for a smart appliance. It also helps to do your research in advance. Read customer reviews, go over specs and learn more about the brand's history.

Talk to the agent about existing systems. A sustainable home should ideally be electric-centric. Hot water systems, heaters, coolers, lighting and cooktops that run on electricity have low carbon emissions and are less likely to release greenhouse gases. Studies also show that homeowners who use an all-electric system help reduce GHG emissions by 50 to 93 percent and save money in the long run. Though generally safer, note that electric systems and appliances have their fair share of risks and property owners should always be vigilant.

Find a Sustainable Investment Property in Canberra

The quest for an environment-friendly home that matches your standards can be daunting at first, but with a reliable buyers agent by your side, you will be able to find one in no time. Make sure you know what you are looking for in a home and that it was built in accordance with Canberra's housing and environment laws. Discuss your home buying plans today with a property expert. Canberra Property Solutions offers in-depth consultation services.